The Foundational level is designed for all NSW Health employees and aims to build awareness of our shared role in healthcare safety and quality.

The Foundational level includes two programs:

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This 6-minute video defines healthcare quality as having 6 dimensions. While safety is the over-arching aim of healthcare, we need to continuously improve in all 6 dimensions in order to reliably achieve positive healthcare outcomes.

The 6 Dimensions of healthcare quality are:

  • Safety
  • Timeliness and Accessibility
  • Effectiveness and Appropriateness
  • Patient Centred Care
  • Efficiency
  • Equity

Dimension of Quality

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This program guides you to apply each dimension of healthcare quality to your role and workplace. Areas of strength and opportunities for improvement are highlighted.

This program module builds awareness of the safety and quality processes and tools used in health to measure and assure healthcare safety and quality.

Content from the eLearning is also available as a one-hour PowerPoint presentation for optional face to face workshops.

Learning outcomes

After completing the Foundational level, you will understand how the 6 dimensions of healthcare quality apply to your local workplace. You will recognise potential opportunities to improve the care and service provided by your team. It's not only about looking for what's not working well, but also about celebrating the great work already happening in all dimensions.

How to enrol

Your next step - Intermediate

  • Become involved and improve the quality of your healthcare service.
  • Learn how to frame up your ideas for improvement into a quality improvement project using improvement science.
  • Sign up to complete the intermediate level Introduction to Improvement Science eLearning module. My Health Learning)

Foundational Pathway