The Safety & Quality Essentials Pathway

The Safety & Quality Essentials Pathway is designed to meet the current safety and quality capability needs of everyone in NSW Health. Starting with the essentials, it also provides a path for ongoing training and career development.

Safety and Quality Essentials Pathways

Programs are delivered over three levels: Foundational, Intermediate and Adept.

Resources at each level are mapped to the Healthcare Safety and Quality Capabilities.

The Foundational level is designed for all NSW Health employees and aims to build awareness of our shared role in healthcare safety and quality.

The Foundational level includes two programs:

The Intermediate level is designed for emerging local leaders of safety and quality and aims to build understanding of the tools and skills needed to lead continuous improvement.

The Intermediate level includes two programs:

The Adept level is designed for local leaders of safety and quality with a focus on workplace application to build local capability and lead continuous improvement.

The Adept level includes one program - the Applied Safety and Quality Program - delivered across four modules over 12 months:

  • Module 1: Patient Safety Applied
  • Module 2: Improvement Science Applied
  • Module 3: Safety and Quality Applied at the Point of Care
  • Module 4: Safety and Quality Applied in Systems

The CEC is partnering with NSW Health entities to implement the Pathway programs through multiple channels, including the CEC Academy, My Health Learning and local safety and quality faculties.

The CEC Academy curriculum and instructional design undergoes continuous improvement and quality assurance to provide staff with contemporary, academically sound and relevant safety and quality learning resources.

The CEC Academy gratefully acknowledges all contributors to the development of this curriculum.

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