Year in Review reports


Year In Review 2020-21

This year's Review is again presented in a digital format. This year in review sets out examples of our key achievements and collaborations with Local Health Districts and Speciality Health Networks to create safer care and improved experiences for patients and their carers.


Year In Review 2019-20

This year's Review is, for the first time, presented in a digital format. As well, there is a new approach to content with six cases studies connecting the work of the CEC to frontline teams and consumers.


Year In Review 2018-19

This year's review showcases highlights across a number of our safety programs and demonstrates how the CEC supports and partners with local health districts and specialist health networks to improve outcomes for patients and families. While the CEC has been a catalyst and enabler for many of these initiatives, the real champions for patient safety are the staff, patients and families who advocate for patient safety first, every day.

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Year In Review 2017-18

We are pleased to report that the Clinical Excellence Commission has again delivered on its commitment, as the lead agency on safety and quality, in working with its partners to further improve the safety and quality of care for patients in the NSW health system.

While the Clinical Excellence Commission has been a catalyst for many initiatives, the real champions are the many staff, patients and families who work in partnership with us to improve the experience of care for everyone.

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Year In Review 2016-17

Each year the NSW Health system is trusted to deliver high-quality care to the State's 7.7 million residents. As the experts in patient safety and clinical quality our role is not just to oversee already excellent systems but to identify areas to improve.

Over the past twelve months we worked to refine our core program of work. We will always be actively involved in the response to emerging patient safety issues but this year we have started to shift our emphasis from projects to strategic programs. This subtle change will bring a greater balance to our role in clinical governance and quality improvement.

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Year In Review 2015-16

Over the last financial year the Clinical Excellence Commission continued to facilitate and lead improvements in key clinical areas by developing and implementing initiatives directed to specific clinical priorities, as well as broader training programs aimed at enhancing clinicians’ quality improvement capabilities.

We also know that our work is not over until preventable clinical harm and less than optimal care do not exist anywhere in our system. Over the next 12 months we will continue to emphasise the importance of safe and reliable systems, focusing on how we can better improve the experience of care for our patients, their families and our communities.

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Year In Review 2014-15

The 2014-15 financial year was a busy and significant one. In a year filled with changes and challenges, the CEC delivered on its primary responsibility of identifying and responding to quality and safety risks and supporting clinical improvement initiatives. We continue to listen and learn from our colleagues in our local health districts, and collaboration with clinicians, managers and health partners - including consumers and carers - has been critical in this success story.

This review illustrates the CEC's continuing relevance and value as system-leader for quality and safety in the NSW health system.

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Year In Review 2013-14

The 2013-14 Review highlights the CEC's key activities, achievements, partnerships and future directions in each of the CEC's 26 established program areas and work in supporting the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. The programs are clustered around six themes relevant to the CEC's mission and strategic directions: Patient Care; Early Recognition and Prevention; Improving Clinical Practice; Building Capacity in Health Care; Using Data to Drive Change; and Emerging Programs. The review also recognises the progress and achievements of the CEC over the past ten years.
"While the CEC has been a catalyst for many of these initiatives, the real champions are the clinicians who work with the CEC to implement the programs and enhance care for patients, carers and staff within the health system."

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Year In Review 2012-13

"With an expanded staff base, the CEC has continued to develop well-established programs in key clinical areas, while also responding to emerging priority areas around end-of-life care, pressure injuries, open disclosure, antimicrobial stewardship and accreditation of health services against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. Whether you are a patient, a clinician, a manager or an interested observer, I hope you will join us on the patient safety journey, in continuing to make our health care system in NSW demonstrably better and safer." - Professor Cliff Hughes AO, Chief Executive Officer.

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Year in Review 2011-2012

Year In Review 2011-12

"The completion of our second Strategic Plan and the development of the third triennium occurred at the same time as the authority of the CEC was strengthened. The CEC has now become totally responsible for the Patient Safety and Clinical Quality program in NSW. The Quality and Safety Branch of the former Department of Health was disbanded and twelve staff translocated into the CEC." - Professor Cliff Hughes AO, Chief Executive Officer.

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Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011

"Purposeful direction and focused commitment best describe the 2010-2011 year at the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). Our second strategic plan was in mid term and our board underwent a significant change, sharing a common board with the Agency for Clinical Innovation. The organisation continued to grow and required new premises at 227 Elizabeth Street Sydney. The task remains to make health care in NSW demonstrably safer for patients and a more rewarding workplace." - Professor Cliff Hughes AO, Chief Executive Officer.

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Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010

2009 - 2010 can best be described as a year of change and partnership. The Clinical Excellence Commission was joined by three emerging "pillars" recommended by Mr Peter Garling SC following the Special Commission of Inquiry into Acute Care Services in NS W Public Hospitals. As an already well established organisation, the CEC has enjoyed the opportunity to assist each of the others begin their journey as partners with us." - Professor Cliff Hughes AO, Chief Executive Officer

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Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2009

This report is a summary of some of the activities and the results obtained across a range of clinical quality and patient safety issues. These activities have only grown by sheer hard work and commitment from a band of experts on our staff who are focused on the patients and the staff across NSW." - Professor Cliff Hughes AO, Chief Executive Officer

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Annual Report 2008

Annual Report 2008

This report describes the progress of the Clinical Excellence Commission during a pivotal year for NSW Health and the commission itself. As you read through this report, I believe that you will see the exciting programs in which the Clinical Excellence Commission has been able to participate, the value of the networks that we have developed, and the evidence of significant improvements in health care delivery that have followed in the last three years of intense design and construction of the Clinical Excellence Commission." - Professor Cliff Hughes AO, Chief Executive Officer

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Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007

This report marks the halfway point in the first Five Year (2003-08) Strategic Plan for the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). At any point in a journey, there is a number of ways in which we can look at our progress. The first is to stop and reflect on just how far we have come. The second is to ask the questions 'are we on the right track?' and 'have we come far enough?'. The third is to look to the future and plan the remainder of the journey. Of course, each of these is important, but only part of the necessary self-awareness.
I hope that, as you read through and consider the various programs, projects and campaigns highlighted in this volume, you will catch our vision for the safety and quality of public healthcare delivery in NSW." - Professor Clifford F Hughes AO

Clinical Excellence Commission Annual Report 2006-2007:
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Annual Report 2006

Annual Report 2006

In addition to the launch of several new publications, the commencement of two special reviews and advances in strategic planning through state-wide workshops, the Clinical Excellence commission strengthened its commitment to collaboration through various partnerships, it reinforced it's support for research in patient safety and quality improvement and it rolled out several information management initiatives such as a detailed analysis of Incident Information Management System (IIMS) data.

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Annual Report 2005

Annual Report 2005

The 2005 Annual Report details how the CEC will build on the work the strong foundation of the ICE and the legacy of Dr O'Rourke under the leadership of Professor Clifford Hughes AO, who was appointed Chief Executive Officer in January. It includes the CEC Directions Statement, and the guiding set of principles embodied in the NSW Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program. This document outlines CEC's strategic plan including key drivers and imperatives, goals and performance indicators and key outcomes for 2004 - 2008.
2005 saw the appointment of several new Directors, as well as expansion of the premises to include both Sydney Hospital and Macquarie Street, Martin Place. In May 2005 the CEC was also privileged to have the Minister for Health launch the toolkit entitled "Improving Patient Access to Acute Care Services". 2005 also saw the wrap up of several projects; Chronic Care, Medication Safety and the Patient Flow and Safety Collaborative along with the Towards a Safer Culture Program. Further information is available in the report.

Clinical Excellence Commission Annual Report 2004-2005:
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Annual Report 2004

Annual Report 2004

The 2003/2004 Annual Report foreshadowed the formation of the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC), replacing the former Institute for Clinical Excellence (ICE). The CEC was launched by the Minister for Health, the Hon Morris Iemma MP on 24 August 2004. In launching the Commission, the Minister paid tribute to the work of ICE's founding Chief Executive Office, the late Dr Ian O'Rourke who passed away on 16 August 2004. Just weeks prior to his death, Dr O'Rourke was actively involved in developing the framework for the transition to the new organisation.
This report outlines the progress of several of the programs that were underway in 2003/2004, including the Towards A Safer Culture Program, the National Medication Safety Breakthrough Collaborative, the Children's Emergency Care Project, the NSW Chronic Care Collaborative, the Safety Improvement Program and the Patient Flow and Safety Collaborative.

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