General Copyright Statement

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Information that may be reproduced from the Clinical Excellence Commission website

All rights are reserved. However, in keeping with the NSW Government's commitment to encouraging the availability, dissemination and exchange of information (and subject to the operation of the Copyright Act 1968 Act), you are welcome to reproduce the information which appears on the Clinical Excellence Commission site as long as the user of the information agrees to:

  • retrieve documents for information only
  • save or print a single copy for personal use only and not to reproduce any major extract or the entire document except as permitted under Copyright Act 1968 (as amended) without the prior written permission of the State of New South Wales
  • acknowledge the source of any selected passage, table diagram or other extract reproduced
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    © Clinical Excellence Commission.
  • where documents identify 3rd parties as also having copyright, whether in whole or part, you are required to seek the copyright permission of these 3rd parties as specified by the documents themselves.

How to apply for permission to reproduce information

In the event that you wish to reproduce, alter, store or transmit the material that appears on the Clinical Excellence Commission site for a purpose other than personal, in-house or non-commercial use, please complete the 'Request for Copyright Permission' form below and return via email, fax or post to us as follows.

Our approach to copyright and intellectual property

Our approach to third party use of our IP is generally permissive and is based on the principles below:

  • Materials published on the CEC website are available to all "as is".
  • All material CEC produces can be adapted with permission and appropriate acknowledgement, excluding logos and images.
    Please note, you must request permission using the form above prior to adapting any materials.
  • Logos are not released in isolation from content, or as a part of an adaption.

If you have any questions, please contact us on +61 2 9269 5520 or via email.