Adjunct Professor Michael C. Nicholl

Adjunct Professor Michael C. Nicholl

Chief Executive


As a clinician of 40 years, a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist for 30 years, a senior clinician manager for 15 years, and as the senior clinical advisor obstetrics to NSW Health for over a decade, Dr Michael Nicholl has been a visionary and inspirational leader who has led and promoted excellence in safety and quality in clinical care primarily across maternity, newborn and women's health.

For the past 20 years he has concentrated on the public sector in NSW with more than 15 years in a senior clinical management roles, both operational and strategic, together with a clinical academic role.

Michael became the first obstetrician in Australia to become a Fellow of the Australasian Association for Quality in Health Care. His clinical management and safety and quality expertise led to numerous service reviews both in NSW and in other states across Australia. At a national level he has worked with the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare with respect to Maternity Data Development and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care on Hospital Acquired Complications and the Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation.

In 2008, he became the first senior clinical advisor obstetrics to NSW Health. His time as senior clinical advisor obstetrics allowed him to gain better insights into the broader quality and safety agenda in healthcare. He has a particular academic interest in risk and his doctoral thesis related to applicability of risk matrices to high risk pregnancy care and delivery. In 2017 was recognised by the NSW government insurer (iCare – TMF) by winning the NSW Public Sector Risk Leadership Award, an award that spans all government agencies. Michael is a previous president of Women's Healthcare Australasia.

 Dr James Mackie

Dr James Mackie

Medical Director Patient Safety


Jim is passionate about patient safety and quality improvement and strongly advocates for robust data and reliable systems to enhance the patient experience. His role includes leading the Data and Analytics Team which provides QIDS, QARS and the Death Review Database. Jim works closely with eHealth on all aspects of patient safety in the electronic domain.

Jim joined the CEC late in 2018. He is a renal physician who has worked over many years in a number of LHDs as a clinician/manager. Outside of his interest in patient safety he has a long interest in kidney transplantation and service development especially in the provision of dialysis services. He has served as the Medical Executive Director for SESLHD.

 Dr Patricia Bradd

Dr Patricia Bradd

Director Patient Safety

PhD; B.AppSc (Speech Path); GradCertMgmt; MHlthLeadMgmt; Fellow.SPA

With expertise in quality and safety, leadership, improvement science and organisational change, Dr Trish Bradd has over thirty years' experience in the public health care sector as a clinician and manager.

In her current role, Trish provides leadership and strategic oversight for patient safety and quality across the NSW Health system. Her previous roles involved building system-wide capacity and capability for quality, safe, compassionate healthcare by improving systems and support for value-based change.

Trish has tertiary qualifications in speech pathology and management. Conferred in 2018, her PhD explored allied health leadership in the provision of person-centred health care. Trish was appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor University of Technology Sydney in 2019.

 Dr Harvey Lander

Dr Harvey Lander

Director Systems Improvement


Harvey currently has responsibility for leading a number of safety improvement programs including the adult, older persons, paediatric, neonatal and maternal, mental health as well as medication safety.

He contributes at a state level in supporting clinical leadership, executives and health services to improve the quality and safety of patient care though systems leadership, governance, and improvement methodology. His previous experience in a District Clinical Governance Unit and as a Director of Medical Services enabled him to support and understand local safety and improvement work.

He has contributed to publications on improving the recognition and response to sepsis and the deteriorating patient. He is passionate about systems improvements to help support safe, reliable, integrated, sustainable person-centred systems of care that reduce harm and improve patient experience and outcomes.

 Karen Patterson

Karen Patterson

Director Capability and Culture

M.Mid (Research), GDipAEd, RM, RN FACHSM, FISQua, Expert Panel ISQua

With over 30 years' experience in healthcare, Karen has learnt the factor impacting most on clinical practice, effectiveness and patient safety is the presence of supportive, collaborative and inclusive workplace cultures where leadership is not a rank but is supported at all levels.

Karen has been a champion for clinical excellence with executive experience in Strategy and Performance, Workforce and Practice Development, Clinical Governance and Policy. Through research, Karen has elevated the voice of patients, carers and families, enabling their experiences to be heard and expertise recognised as drivers for system change.

As Director Capability and Culture, Karen's portfolio integrates four portfolios being Organisational Effectiveness; Team Culture, Communication and Person Centred Care; Knowledge Management, Evaluation and Research; and the CEC Academy.

 André Jenkins

André Jenkins

Director Information Management

André Jenkins' career began in Mental Health and then Mental Health Information Development in Tasmania, South Australia and NSW before joining the CEC as Director of Information Management.

André leads the CEC's Information Management and Information Communications Technology and Cyber Security programs and is the CEC's Chief Information Officer. Previously, he was responsible for the development of CEC's Chartbook and eChartbook programs and the initial establishment of the CEC's CHASM and analytics programs. Recently, he led the CEC's Data Governance and ISMS renewal program, aligning it with the new NSW Government's Cyber Security Strategy and Cyber Security Policy.

He has been an invited speaker—and co-authored papers—on using data to support healthcare improvement and is a Visiting Fellow at the Australian Institute of Healthcare Innovation at Macquarie University and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania.

 Jenine Wosinski

Jenine Wosinski

Director Corporate Services

As Director of Corporate Services, Jenine has executive responsibility for ensuring the CEC has effective infrastructure and business processes to meet statutory obligations and operations.

Jenine provides leadership and strategic direction to a diverse range of portfolios including finance and performance, corporate governance risk and compliance, strategy and policy, workforce people and culture and communications.

With twenty years' experience working in the public health care sector in operational management and executive roles, Jenine is keenly focused on customer experience and passionate about building teams and empowering individuals to create sustainable business integrity, systems and outcomes.