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The Digital Health Safety & Quality (S&Q) Bulletin

This is a joint communique from the eHealth NSW Safety & Quality team and the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

The purpose of the bulletin is to provide a systematic communication of digital health clinical S&Q issues and risks to the relevant NSW Health staff and communities. The intention is to share lessons learnt in order to improve the reliability, safety and quality of care to our patients.

The target audience are clinicians, digital health solutions technical staff and system governance team members who use or have oversight of the electronic medical record (eMR), electronic medication management (eMM) system and other digital health systems.

Distribution: Please forward bulletins to all relevant individuals, distribution lists and committees in your organisation.

Contact: If you wish to communicate directly with the eHealth NSW S&Q team or the CEC, please do so via email.

Notification and escalation of S&Q digital health issues/incidents: When risks, incidents or issues arise relating to digital health, the electronic medical record (eMR) or other Clinical Information & Communication Technology (ICT) systems, it is imperative that the CEC and eHealth are made aware in a timely manner (via the emails / link above). Clinical ICT related incidents and near misses involving patient care should be notified in ims+. ICT technical incidents or difficulties should be reported in ServiceNow.

Bulletin evaluation: There is an evaluation survey link at the end of the bulletin. This survey is for you to share your thoughts such as:

  • Feedback regarding the usefulness of this bulletin and the relevant factsheets
  • Feedback on issues raised in the bulletins, and
  • Future topics you would like us to cover in subsequent editions.

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