Quality Improvement Data System (QIDS)

The Quality Improvement Data System (QIDS) provides users at all levels of an organisation with a single point of access to information and tools for the purpose of improving the quality and safety of health service delivery. QIDS transforms data from several sources into a unified platform with standardised and customisable analytic and improvement tools. It enables users to translate raw data into insights such as current outcomes, trends over time, unwanted clinical variation, harm and outcome measures of improvement innovations.

QIDS can be accessed via NSW Health intranet, or internet for the Improvement Project module only. Local user access is managed by the Health Entity nominee and/or the Improvement Project Admin account holder.

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QIDS training videos

**The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) would like to acknowledge Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) in developing and producing the following QIDS training videos.**

Dashboard overview

Dashboard Overview

Length: 4:28 minutes

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Build dashboard

Build Dashboard Report

Length: 4:42 minutes

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Quality Improvement Module

Quality Improvement Module

Length: 5:06 minutes

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Introduction to QIDS videos

QIDS introduction video

Length: 2:26 minutes

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Quality Audit Reporting System (QARS)

Quality Audit Reporting System (QARS) is an electronic tool developed by the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) to help to improve the quality and safety of health care provided by local health districts, speciality health networks, pillars and NSW health service providers (the Health Entities). The QARS application has three modules including Audit, Survey and ReACT.

QARS Audit and Survey are available for use by Health Entities to collect data that will help to drive the implementation of safety and quality systems and improve the quality of the health care they provide. This may include measuring existing and emerging healthcare issues, including governance and assurance and patient safety. An audit or survey can also be used by a Health Entity to meet their accreditation requirements as determined by the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

QARS ReACT is used by the CEC Critical Response Unit as a state-wide communication and co-ordination tool to manage, escalate and pro-actively respond to emerging patient safety issues and clinical risks involving medical devices, medicines and biological agents. The response may include the use of audits and surveys for collection of data to assess areas of risk across NSW.

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