About the CEC

Established in 2004, the board-governed Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) is one of five pillars of the NSW health system. Pillar agencies provide specialist services and support to frontline health teams in hospitals and care settings.

The role of the CEC, detailed in a determination of functions in 2012, is to lead, support and promote improved safety and quality in clinical care across the NSW health system through consultation and collaboration with clinicians, health consumers, other pillars and the NSW Ministry of Health.

The agency has two broad areas of responsibility:

  • setting standards for safety, and monitoring clinical safety and quality processes and
  • improving performance of individuals, teams and systems in prioritising safety.

The CEC is responsible for over 20 policies related to clinical quality and safety, implemented across the NSW public health system, and is charged with continuous development of policy and strategy for further improvements. Included in its functions is identification of priorities or research about clinical quality and safety in health care and review and response to adverse clinical incidents arising in the NSW public health system.

To improve performance of individuals, teams and systems, the CEC initiates and manages a range of programs in collaboration with local health districts and specialty health networks (LHDs/SHNs) to raise capability and support process improvements and safety culture in clinical teams. The CEC plays a leading role delivering the first priority of the NSW Ministry of Health: Patient Safety First.

CEC Directions Statement

The CEC Directions Statement outlines the role of the CEC in the NSW Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Program, the principles underpinning the program and the governance and activities of the Clinical Excellence Commission.