Serious Incident Reviews

To focus on timely review of incidents and to enable timely feedback to the healthcare system, the CEC has six Serious Incident Review (SIR) sub-committees which are sub-committee of, and report to, the Clinical Risk Advisory Group (CRAG).

These sub-committees have statutory privilege under section 23 of the Health Administration Act 1982. In line with the CRAG's Terms of Reference, documents created by and for the sub-committees are privileged and cannot be disclosed or released without the approval of CRAG.

The SIR Sub-committees of the CRAG review all clinical Serious Adverse Event Review reports for classification, theming and analysis to identify system wide learning and risks.

FIGURE 1: SIR Sub-Committees of the CRAG

SIR Sub-Committees of the CRAG

Information on the analysis of SIRs.