About us

The CEC Academy brings people together to learn, share, and apply, the principles of patient safety and quality improvement in clinical practice.

We believe that safety is everyone's business, and that continuous improvement is the path to safer healthcare.

Our vision is that everyone in NSW Health being empowered to play their role in improving the safety and quality of care and the experience of giving and receiving that care.

By empowered, we mean that they have the safety and improvement capability for their role, as well as all necessary tools, capacity, permission, and sponsorship to be successful.

To achieve this we work in partnership with NSW Health entities to develop and implement a range of staff development programs and resources that build system-wide safety and quality capability.

These include the Safety and Quality Essentials Pathway, and a range of other safety and quality development programs aligned to the emerging needs of the system.

All CEC Academy curriculum and instructional design undergoes continuous improvement and quality assurance to provide staff with contemporary, academically sound, and relevant, safety and quality learning resources.