Root Cause Analysis

The CEC coordinates, facilitates and provides the secretariat and Chair for the RCA Review Committee. The RCA Review Committee meets to review RCA investigation findings, classify and theme system issues and escalate issues of concern to the local health districts and to the Clinical Risk Action Group - the peak quality and safety group within NSW Health.

The General Clinical RCA Review Committee was established in 2007 and is the main CEC RCA review committee, reviewing all clinical RCA reports. There are three sub committees related to specific health specialties. The sub committees have senior clinician membership to review and classify in further detail system issues identified in the RCA reports. These sub committees include the:

  • Maternal and Perinatal RCA Review Committee
  • Mental Health RCA Review Committee
  • Children and Young Person RCA Review Committee

Reports on the classification of RCAs can be found at CEC's Biannual Incident Report.