Quality Improvement COP Registration

QIDS can be accessed via NSW Health intranet or internet for the Improvement Project module only via this webpage. Joining a Toolkit Community of Practice will enable you and your team to:

  • Access resources and quality improvement tools
  • Record and track your team's quality progress
  • Share learnings with other teams in NSW

Note: QIDS access is only available to anyone who has NSW Health StaffLink ID.


I would like to join a Toolkit Community of Practice to improve clinical practice in a NSW Health facility and agree to the following

  • I have discussed this application with my manager
  • I agree to comply with NSW Privacy Principles, cybersecurity and ethical principles and will not infringe a person's or organisation's copyright
  • My facility clinical governance unit has been informed of my application
  • My team, manager and clinical governance unit are aware that project team information will be visible to other Community of Practice members.

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