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The Clinical Excellence and NSW Health Pathology hosted a webinar in October 2020 on the Interpretation of Intraosseous samples and Point of Care Testing (PoCT). Topics covered in the webinar include;

  • Why intraosseous samples should not be processed in PoCT devices or blood gas analysers
  • Interpretation of intraosseous sample results
  • Alternative options for obtaining samples for PoCT devices.

Key Learnings: Interpretation of intraosseous samples and Point of Care Testing webinar

Download PDF ~176KB
POCT webinar

Interpretation of intraosseous samples and Point of Care Testing webinar

Length: 43:33 minutes

Platform: YouTube

"Paediatric Watch - Lessons from the Frontline" is a simple one-page document which takes learnings from a de-identified critical incident (or incidents) and highlights opportunities to improve care for children and young people. Read past editions below.

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The Paediatric Clinical Pearls of Wisdom is a collection of insights or "Things I wish I knew when I was a Junior Clinician…" written by paediatric experts. These 'Pearls' are simple prompts designed to guide and assist clinicians in the timely recognition, diagnosis and management of the sick child.

The greatest challenges for staff providing end of life care to children and their family relate to:

  • Staff discomfort in initiating conversations with patients and carers
  • Failure to recognise when patients are starting to die and then developing documenting appropriate treatment plans
  • Poor communication between staff and patients and carers.

The following tools and resources assist clinicians in caring for children with life-limiting illness and their families:

REACH is a system that helps patients, their family and carer/s escalate their concerns with staff about worrying changes in a patient's condition. It stands for Recognise, Engage, Act, Call, Help is on its way.

REACH information and resources