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PPE training videos (added 3-7/4/2020). Click on images to view video on YouTube or if you represent a local health district and you cannot access this application contact CEC Communications for a file copy.
These videos briefly outline the steps for putting on and taking off PPE when applying combined contact and droplet precautions or combined contact droplet and airborne precautions in addition to standard precautions, when caring for patients with some infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

PPE Video 1 a

PPE 2 b

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Information provided by the CEC is primarily for clinicians and health workers in healthcare settings. Members of the general public should consult the NSW Health website for the latest updates on COVID-19 as their primary source of information.

While NSW Health are leading our state response, the CEC has a specific role under the NSW Influenza Pandemic Plan. This includes providing infection prevention and control and patient safety advice and expertise to the Ministry of Health; and developing state-wide strategies and resources (including training modules to rapidly up-skill health workers) to maintain high levels of compliance with infection prevention and control and patient safety recommendations