Reports and Publications

Reporting to Stakeholders

SCIDUA communicates with its key stakeholders as follows:

  • Each individual health practitioner who provides information to the Committee on the SCIDUA questionnaire receives a letter from the Chairperson.
  • An annual report for the preceding calendar year is provided to the Minister.
  • The Committee provides data to the ANZCA Mortality Working Group, which produces the triennial report of Safety of Anaesthesia: A review of anaesthesia related mortality reporting in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Periodically, the Committee submits reports to peer-reviewed journals in which trends in anaesthesia-related mortality are described. These reports reach a wide range of anaesthetists in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

All of the Committee's proceedings, documents and correspondence are protected under Section 23 of the Health Administration Act 1982.

Joint Forum

The Clinical Excellence Commission recently facilitated the inaugural joint forum of the Collaborating Hospitals’ Audit of Surgical Mortality (CHASM) Committee and the Special Committee Investigating Deaths Under Anaesthesia (SCIDUA). This new initiative was designed to review a case which progressed through both mortality programs and identify relative clinical learnings.

The outcomes paper from the joint forum and the deidentified case are provided with a letter from the Committee Chairs. Together, these documents demonstrate the complexities that clinicians encounter, along with the challenges of clinical management.

Note: Disclosure of the case example has been approved by the Minister for Health for the purposes of education.

Annual Report

SCIDUA Annual Report 2018

The reporting of anaesthesia-related deaths has helped ensure the high quality and safety of anaesthetic administration. The SCIDUA annual report provides evidence demonstrating the safety and risk of anaesthesia in New South Wales.

SCIDUA Cover Letter - Annual Report 2018


Special Reports

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