Clinical Excellence Commission

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Over the next three years, we will continue our commitment to ensuring better patient safety and quality care for the people of NSW.

A video message from Carrie Marr, Chief Executive of the Clinical Excellence Commission.

Our Vision

Safety is everyone's business

The CEC's vision for 2021-2024 represents its bold ambition for the entire health system.

System Goals

The CEC have defined three overarching system-level goals which articulate the impact that the organisation is seeking to achieve

Mature safety systems
Improved capability
Reduce preventable harm

Strategic Priorities and Outcomes

To achieve those outcomes, four strategic priorities outline the areas that the CEC will focus on for the next 3 years

Embedded safety systems

A safety model where the whole system is strategically enabled through governance, partnerships, roles and responsibilities, and capability and capacity

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Safety culture with accountability

The whole system, from boards to front-line staff, are enabled to lead positive safety cultures and improve performance in all settings.

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Safety intelligence

Triangulated data, connected technologies and near real-time insight enables a predictive and proactive approach to safety.

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Safety priorities and programs

Targeting priority patient populations and service areas with programs, tools, resources, and safety expertise, while maintaining flexibility and agility to respond to urgent needs.

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CEC Enablers

The CEC has identified key organisational enablers make it possible for it to deliver its strategic plan. The CEC will develop across four main areas to sustain itself over the next three years

CEC staff are supported and have the skills to provide expert safety advice and support to the system.
Systems and Processes
CEC staff are enabled for efficiency through appropriate technology and standard processes.
Communications and engagement
The MoH and system understand the CEC's value, and they know when and how to best engage with us.
There is alignment in the system in relation to all elements of safety and quality.