Safety Fundamentals for Teams

Safety Fundamentals to support teams during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought with it rapid changes to our workplaces and work teams. To support individuals and teams in responding to the pace of change and the need for everyone to be ready to step up to lead, speak up for safety and take time to care for self and each other, we have developed some additional resources based on the Safety Fundamentals for Teams.

Key points about Safety Fundamentals

  • An activity which focuses on strengthening behaviours that impact safe and quality care
  • When effectively implemented and regularly evaluated they have the potential to deliver quick and measurable gains
  • Associated with a positive impact in staff and patient experience

Additional resources

Safety Fundamentals Webinar

These presentations will provide you with the background to the development of the Safety Fundamentals for Teams and how you can implement them within your workplace.

Safety Fundamentals for Teams

Effective teamwork and communication are foundational elements in a culture of safety and are key elements of high reliability organisations. Our inability to communicate effectively within teams and with patients and their carers is directly linked to patient harm.

Safety Fundamentals are practical tools, most of which require a short implementation time and have the potential to bring quick measurable gains.

There are eight Safety Fundamentals:

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