Falls can be prevented. Paediatric falls in hospitals are a relatively rare occurrence, however if a child does fall, the consequences may be serious. The majority of incidents involving children younger than 10 years of age are related to falls from beds and cots when parents and carers may be distracted briefly and leave the child unattended with the side rails down.

Paediatric Fall and Entrapment Prevention and Management Guideline (New - October 2020)

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Post Fall Guide - Paediatrics (New - October 2020)

Information for Clinicians & Health Professionals

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Risk Assessment

The NSW Paediatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool has been adapted under licence from the Miami Children's Hospital Humpty Dumpty Falls Tool. All children should have a risk assessment completed on admission, and every three days thereafter, unless their condition changes. Completion of the assessment also requires clinical judgement and interventions individualised for each child.


Information for parents and carers

It is important to discuss with parents or carers the child's fall risk and appropriate interventions. This will include educating parents and carers about how to keep their baby safe from falling, for example keeping safe while changing nappies or bathing babies, the risk of falling asleep while holding their baby and walking around with their child in their arms.

Information for Parents & Carers:
Falls Prevention for Children in Hospital

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Posters and Flyers

The CEC has developed a range of posters aimed at parents and carers in raising awareness of potential risk of falls in the hospital setting.

Hold My Hand - Poster 1

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Hold My Hand - Poster 2

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Keep Me Safe - Poster 1

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Keep Me Safe - Poster 2

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