Quality System

National Safety & Quality Heath Service Standards

    Second Edition

    The second edition of the Standards were approved in November 2017, with health services being able to choose to undergo accreditation against this edition from July 2018. The second edition includes the Blood Management Standard that aims to 'improve outcomes for patients by using strategies that optimise and conserve their own blood’, in addition to ensuring that any blood and blood products that patients receive are safe and appropriate.


    Audit is an important part of quality improvement. Audits can be used to review current practice, assess risks, identify improvement opportunities and measure the results of practice improvement activities.

    Blood Watch is committed to assisting health facilities to use auditing effectively within a quality improvement framework. This also supports facilities in meeting the requirements of Standard 7.

    Sample audit tools have been developed to monitor compliance to policies, procedures and/or protocols, and for assessment of practice against national evidence-based guidelines.