Patient care guidance

Guidance for health workers managing suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases in NSW.

Last updated 5 June 2020

Airway management during COVID-19 V2.2 (PDF)

Published: 17 March 2020 | Audience: health workers | Size 111 KB, 1 page |Type: Poster

This poster outlines the respiratory precautions for airway management including intubation, extubation, bronchoscopy, airway suction and nebuliser treatment during COVID-19.

Management of COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings V3.1 (PDF)

Published: 11 May 2020 |  Audience: health managers and health workers | Size 724 KB,  32 pages 

This document provides comprehensive guidance on infection prevention and control requirements for the management of patients with suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 and the use of personal protective equipment in NSW healthcare settings. Extended (sessional) use of some PPE items is included in addition to guidance on patient use of masks.

Appendix 1 (pages 26 to 31) of this document provides recommendations on infection prevention and control requirements for maternity and neonatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read with: Maternity and newborn care and NICU and special care delivery from NSW Health

Our Medication, Safety and Quality pages contain COVID-19 related medication information including:

  • medication shortages
  • approval process of medicines for use in NSW public hospitals
  • the supply of medicines used off-label and experimentally in COVID-19