April Falls Day 2020

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Stay Safe. Communicate.

The key to safety is communication. Communicate every shift, every risk, every change, every time.

This year the focus for April Falls is: Stay Safe. Communicate.

Promoting Communication between staff and between staff and patient, family and/or carers.

Staff have the opportunity to communicate individual patient fall safety risks between multi-disciplinary teams at safety huddles, clinical bedside handover, post fall huddles and intentional rounding.

Fall safety risks include: cognition, delirium, mobility status, personal care/toileting, poor vision and environmental factors.

Communicating with patients is also important, they also need to understand their safety risks in hospital. Staff are encouraged to discuss these with patients, families and/or carers and how they will be managed in hospital.

April Falls Day Resources:


Information flyers for patients, families and/or carers

Staff communication