Pressure injury prevention

Pressure injuries are a frequently occurring health problem and reduce quality of life through pain and discomfort. They are costly, and often preventable with many individuals at risk due to aging, frailty, and multimorbidity.


Older Persons' Patient Safety Program - the CEC NSW Fall Prevention Program, following the Leading Better Care (LBVC) falls in hospital collaborative, and the CEC Pressure Injury Project have been realigned to a broader emphasis on the safe care of older people. This program has been established to ensure safe, reliable and high value care for older people.

The prevention of falls and pressure injury is a significant health issue, and minimising harm by focusing on key factors such as frailty, cognitive impairment (dementia and delirium), poor mobility, medications and nutrition will assist in reducing poor outcomes for older people. The CEC Comprehensive Care – Minimising Harm model aligns with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS), Comprehensive Care and Partnering with Consumers standards.

Resources and tools are available to support pressure injury prevention and management to provide a comprehensive, safe, person-centred approach to care.