Team Stripes

Increasingly there is evidence that to avoid preventable patient harm, well-coordinated evidence-based care and effective inter-professional teamwork processes between multiple teams is an imperative.

Team Stripes is designed to support your team to build on the strength of the team and foster a strong safety culture. The goal is to develop high-performance teams who work interdependently towards shared goals in an environment focused on a culture of safety and improved patient and staff experience.


The Team Stripes framework is represented by five stages. Team Stripes invites you to take a step back to appreciate the context of the clinical unit. Consistent with the philosophy of person-centred care where patients are not defined by a diagnosis, we acknowledge that each clinical unit has its own needs, identity and culture.

If you're thinking of improving how your team works together, learn how the Hornsby Hospital Adult Mental Health Unit used the Team Stripes framework to improve multi-disciplinary teamwork and communication.

Team Stripes HKH team photo

Mental Health Team Stripes team (L- R): Lincy Abraham (A/CNC AMHU), Michele Manktelow (Inpt Service Mgr), Melanie Perry (Quality & Risk Manager), Steve Tkaczyk (Clinical Nurse Educator), Anne Bajuk (Operations Manager), Eleni Grigoriadis (Clinical Psychologist), Hayley Dwyer (CNC AMHU).

The following sections provides you with information around each of the Stripes and resources you will need to start your journey in improving teamwork in your clinical area.