Respiratory Protection Program

The purpose of this Manual is to provide guidance on respiratory protection with a focus on the use of respirator masks and what is required to ensure these are managed, worn and used safely.

Last updated 27 October 2022

COVID-19 IPAC Manual

Respiratory Protection Program Manual

Version 1.2 - 27 October 2022

Download PDF - 3.3 MB

Facial Hair and respirator use: Health worker FAQs (PDF)

Published: 13 April 2022 | Size: 148 KB, 1 page

This document provides guidance on fit testing for health workers with facial hair.

Fit test assessor quick reference guide V1.2 (PDF)

Updated: 12 May 2022 | Size: 344 KB, 2 pages

This document provides guidance for fit test assessors of the Local Health Districts (LHD), Specialty Health Networks (SHN), and NSW Health Pillars.

ePortfolio NSW Health documents for external providers V1.2 (PDF)

Updated: 16 December 2020 | Size: 217 KB, 3 pages

This document contains Respiratory Protection Program resources.

Respirator Fit Test Card V1.3 (PDF)

Updated: 20 April 2022 | Size: 804 KB, 1 page

This document contains Fit Test Cards.