Academy for Emerging Leaders

The Academy was held 6-10 April at the Q Station, North Head. This was the third time the Academy has been held in Australia. The Academy is based on the Telluride model, which commenced in the USA 13 years ago.

The 30 scholars were selected on a competitive basis from across Australia, chosen for the commitment and future leadership potential to improve the quality of care and make things safer for patients. They comprised a mixture of junior doctors, senior medical students and pharmacists.

For many of the scholars it was a transformational experience. We provided a safe place, where there was no hierarchy, where scholars could share their stories, learn new techniques and discuss problems with faculty.

"I had been told that this was an amazing event, but I had no idea how much it would change me," said one scholar after the event.

Each scholar has made a pledge on what they will do to help transform the health system and the Telluride Faculty will support them throughout the year in this process.

Academy for Emerging Leaders (AELPS)