Residential aged care facility training

27 November 2020

The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) has been working closely with staff in aged care as nine infection prevention and control and PPE training sessions with 109 participants from almost 40 different residential aged care providers were completed in late November 2020.

The practical training supports technical advice in the COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Residential Aged Care guideline and equips trained staff to become confident to lead training for infection control and personal protective equipment in their local aged care workplace, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in this environment.

Participants at the training spoke highly of the learning sessions with 99 per cent agreeing the training was well delivered and 94 per cent saying they would use a substantial amount of the training with their staff.

The training was overseen by the Infection Control Practitioners (ICPs) from the CEC's healthcare associated infection team.