Graduates from across NSW present healthcare improvement ideas

28 February 2020

More than 40 senior health workers graduated the Clinical Excellence Commission's Executive Clinical Leadership Program last Thursday after completing a year of health improvement study.

The Clinical Leadership Program has been building a culture of health leaders across NSW for more than 13 years and about 3500 senior health workers have completed the course which aims to develop improvement skills in the next generation of health leaders. As part of the program, participants complete a healthcare improvement project which aims to positively impact processes or clinical services within their workplace and this project is presented to a panel of multidisciplinary health professionals during each graduate's final assessment.

At the graduation ceremony, Clinical Excellence Commission Chief Executive Carrie Marr said she was delighted to see staff from a range of health organisations and very diverse locations stretching right across the state, taking part in the course.

"Many of these health professionals who come from areas including, Nepean Blue Mountains, Western NSW and Mid North Coast Local Health Districts will become the leaders who guide our health system in the future," Ms Marr said.

"I'm always very proud to see the real passion and commitment for patient safety and improving how we care for patients that exists within our colleagues across NSW Health."

The 12-month clinical leadership program builds each graduate's capability in improvement science, collaboration and effective communication with a view to increasing patient safety and quality improvement. Graduates acquire knowledge in contemporary approaches to patient safety and clinical quality systems while also developing skills in key managerial areas such as conflict resolution and team leadership.

"This program is a true health partnership with many organisations working together to help participants achieve the overall goal of improving patient care," Ms Marr said.

"The clinical leadership program is part of the Clinical Excellence Commission's Quality Improvement Academy which designs and delivers a range of education programs for staff working in patient safety, improvement and clinical governance."