Shanghai Hospital President Delegation

16 October 2018

On Thursday 11 October, the Clinical Excellence Commission presented to a senior health administrators delegation from Shanghai, China, at the invitation of the University of Sydney, who organised the delegation’s two-week program from 8 - 19 October.

The delegation consisted of 24 presidents from the top Chinese public hospitals in Shanghai and two senior officers from the Shanghai Hospital Development Centre (SHDC) - the headquarters of Shanghai Municipal Hospital Group.

The CEC delivered an overview of its strategy, initiatives, and challenges. The delegation was interested in learning about the implementation and management of safety and quality at both agency and hospital level.

Shirley Xu, Manager of the International Leaders Program at University of Sydney thanked the CEC for presenting to the delegation. “In addition the opportunity of learning the excellent range of work CEC has and is carrying out, they were all very impressed by the CEC’s leadership demonstrated throughout,” she said.

The key objectives of the delegation were:

  • to learn the best practice as well as the challenges in hospital leadership and management, including but not limited to governance and strategy, funding, safety and quality of patient-centred health services, operations and performance management, financial control, workforce culture and talent development, infrastructure and logistics service, translational medical research development, and information system;
  • to share and exchange views on the challenges and opportunities for the public healthcare system in Australia and China; and
  • to establish a professional network with the Australian counterparts for future collaboration.
Shanghai Hospital Delegation

CEC Chief Executive, Carrie Marr, and CEC Clinical Directors Harvey Lander, Jane Murkin, Alison Starr, & Jonny Taitz with the Shanghai Hospitals Delegation