Introducing the NSW Healthy Ageing and Fall Prevention Network

8 July 2020

The beginning of a new financial year has seen the renewal of partnership between the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) and Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRa) for a further three years continuing the important work to reduce the incidence of falls in NSW. The collaboration's new name, NSW Healthy Ageing and Fall Prevention Network reflects an increased focus on keeping older Australians safe.

The re-appointment of NeuRA to host and administer the NSW Health Ageing and Fall Prevention Network under the direction of Professor Stephen Lord, Director of the Falls, Balance and Injury Centre (FBIRC) follows a successful tender process. FIBRC conducts research into understanding human balance, fall risk factors and strategies for prevention of falls in older people. NeuRa is a leading research institute aiming to prevent and cure disease and disability of the brain and nervous system.

The new priority areas for the NSW Healthy Ageing and Fall Prevention Network include to;

  • develop evidence based falls prevention balance and strength training initiatives and co-design programs using improvement methodology to improve falls prevention together with health professionals, community service providers including primary health, and residential aged care sectors.
  • conduct evidence-based falls prevention and balance and strength exercise workshops for health professionals to encourage incorporation into their professional practice.
  • collaborate with the primary health sector e.g. Primary Health Networks to engage with GPs and the private sector allied health services to promote falls prevention and evidence–based balance and strength exercises.

The newly named NSW Healthy Ageing and Fall Prevention Network was established in 1993 by a committed group of falls researchers and clinicians. The role of this network has grown since its inception and the Network is now funded to undertake dissemination of falls prevention research and best-practice resources, education and networking for a wide-range of professionals and organisations working in falls prevention.

For more information on fall prevention, CEC offers a range of specialist resources.