Master Clinician's Guide Launch

7 May 2018

The Master Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety provides expert tools and resources to help healthcare staff foster a culture of safe, high-quality care at the hospitals where they work.

The guide was written by senior clinicians and safety experts and compiled by the Clinical Excellence Commission. It is a follow-on from the 2016 Clinician's Guide to Quality and Safety which was aimed at junior members of the medical team.

NSW Health Secretary, Elizabeth Koff, officially launched the guide on 7 May. Senior clinicians, including South East Sydney Local Health District Medical Executive Director, Dr James Mackie, and Clinical Excellence Commission Director Paediatric Patient Safety, Dr Jonny Taitz, supported the launch at the Prince of Wales Hospital, alongside clinicians who helped to develop it.

At the event, Clinical Excellence Commission Chief Executive, Carrie Marr, said "The guidance and tools within this guide are being shared with local clinical teams and managers to support their effort and intent to deliver safe, reliable care."

"This resource focuses on safe systems, positive safety cultures and meaningful engagement of patients and families in compassionate, respectful care."

"Ultimately, the master's guide exists to help people working in our hospitals and to improve experiences and outcomes for patients."

The guides can be downloaded, and hardcopies are available by phoning the Clinical Excellence Commission (ph: 02 9269 5541) or by contacting the clinical governance units at each local health district.