CEC's M&Ms Masterclass Podcast Series

9 September 2021

To support the implementation of our Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) meetings guiding principles, a new CEC podcast series is available to listen or download on Android/iPhone and desktop.

In this first of three podcast series Dr Andrea Christoff, Medical Co-Director, MD FCICM FRACP speaks with David Sweeney, Director Leadership, HETI, NSW about how effective facilitation can enable psychological safety in M&M meetings.

As the series progresses the podcasts explore key strategies for managing difficult conversations and emotions that may surface and key lessons learnt. This includes the importance of reframing any blaming and establishing shared agreements about how the meeting's going to run, what's acceptable behaviour, and what constitutes being respectful.

Dr Christoff describes how 'radical candour' lies at the heart of creating honest conversations that are unique learning opportunities for clinicians to rectify mistakes and improve the future quality of patient safety.

Each podcast is approximately 15-minutes in length and is a masterclass in setting the bar for undertaking M&M discussions in a safe space for learning and improvement.

Debbie Draybi, Program Lead, Clinical Communication at CEC who produced podcasts said the goal is to share the experiences and insights of respected clinical leader who are advocates for change in the way M&M meetings are executed.

"The podcasts also underpin the CEC M&M meeting guidelines, which provide best practice principles on how to lead and engage within these important discussion forums between clinicians across the disciplines," said Debbie.

Series one podcasts are available to listen and download.

To get involved in future podcasts on M&M meeting discussion leadership please contact Debbie.Draybi@health.nsw.gov.au