Reflective Practice Workshops

28 September 2022

The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) is inviting patient safety practitioners across the NSW Health system to register for a limited time reflective practice skills workshop designed specifically for their needs.

A series of workshops will run from October to December 2022.

In summary, the workshop will:

  • deepen knowledge on what quality reflective practice looks like and why it is important for worker wellbeing
  • strengthen reflective practice skills
  • provide an opportunity to practise applying reflective practice skills
  • share a range of tools and tips sheets to support ongoing application on the job.

Enrol in a workshop via the CEC events calendar

Numbers per workshop will be limited.

The experiential workshop will be facilitated by an independent facilitator who is not an employee of NSW Health. They will be ensuring the training is a safe space to reflect with fellow peers.

Attendance will support participants in their journey to deepen their reflective practice and process challenging aspects of their role, as well as to appreciate the positive contributions they make as patient safety practitioners.

For queries contact Debbie Draybi, Clinical Communication Lead, Capability and Culture, Clinical Excellence Commission -